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why a proper bike fit is Important

Everyone who rides a bike needs to be properly fit. Whether on a new bike, a second hand bike, one that you inherited, or purchased  elsewhere, just like your cycling shoes and shorts, your bike must fit properly in order for you to be comfortable, perform well and prevent injury. Set up correctly, every cyclist will have a better experience being fit properly to the bike that they are riding.

The perfect fit is almost always about comfort.  It facilitates efficient movement and the ability to generate power and speed. It allows you to easily breathe and deliver oxygen to your muscles. In the proper position on the right bike, you can effectively balance, stabilize and easily handle the bike. The body and bike become one. Every cyclist deserves to be comfortable - and a bike fit can help make that happen.

The fitting process begins with an extensive interview and then progresses to detailed measurements, physical assessment and dynamic positioning on your own bike.

The on-bike positioning begins with the feet and travels up the body to the hands. We apply principles of physiology and biomechanics to your unique situation and tailor a position that is perfect for you.

More often than not, the customer hasn't been fit properly from the day they purchased their bike. Working with a fit professional can have a dramatic effect on their riding experience.

Even a seasoned pro can't fit themselves, the process requires a precise mix of measurements that require constant assessment during the fitting session. Past injuries, flexibility, age, fitness level, size, all add to the formula for the perfect fit. Communication with the client is also key to the measurements and processes coming together to achieve the desired result.

Cycling doesn't need to be painful or uncomfortable, you will still undoubtedly experience muscle fatigue while riding, but comfort should be second to none. The perfect fit will lead to higher average speed, longer rides and ultimately more motivation to get out and ride.

Why build a proper studio and gain so much certification?

We understand the importance of proper fit, we are passionate about cycling, all of our staff have been fit and to help our customers understand the importance.

Older fit techniques are outdated or have simply been improved upon. Nothing compares to a returning customer ranting about their increased speed, increased comfort, and overall riding enjoyment after being properly fit!

We are passionate about what we do, not only about cycling but about getting people the right equipment and introducing people to the sport in a way that they can really enjoy it and have it be a part of their lives for the rest of their lives.

Pricing and details of custom bike fittings that we offer.